Monday, November 30, 2015

Allen Dong's Seed Cleaning Equipment

It's been a while since any posts went up here, but I thought I'd add a link to a small photo gallery of small scale seed cleaning equipment that I put up recently - here

Looking back at the posts on this site there are definitely some gems from Anthony and Jacob. There's also been a bit of resurgence in interest in this kind of stuff since the blog started so maybe I'll see if I can get some more posts out of some of the folks working on this stuff, soon.


Steve Carrow said...

Wow, a new post. You should add a link to the new piece of equipment that Jeffery Funk has developed. Looks quite well done.
Actually, I guess I will.

I have intentions to build some sort of thresher/winnower, but this one looks top notch and the right scale, so I hope to copy as many features as I can make out from the video.

Slow Hand Farm said...

Thanks for adding the link, Steve. Looks like an update from his previous seed cleaner in the last post.